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Getting Started on RubyChat

All the information you need to use RubyChat effectively.

What is RubyChat?

RubyChat is a chat platform that focuses on improving the quality of group communication. At first, it looks like a typical chat website: You pick a nickname and join rooms with different topics. But when you start using it, the differences become apparent. The following two twists set RubyChat apart from almost any other available chat service:

  1. Several users will review any message you write through a feedback mechanism. The reviewing process is anonymous: Neither the reviewee's nor the reviewer's name are disclosed. Our AI processes the reviews, calculates, and assigns you an individual level. This level determines your access to specific channels and site features.
  2. RubyChat does not support private messaging. Nowadays, countless apps allow us to talk in private. Instead, RubyChat is all about leveraging the dynamic of group conversations, transparently promoting constructive dialogs and the exchange of ideas.


In general, your level is determined by how your messages score in the community. Levels are calculated by a subset of the reviews you have received: those which have been proven reliable and unbiased. Everyone starts at level 1, and the highest possible level is 7 (alias "Owl").

Level Alias Symbol
1 Tropical Fish 🐠
2 Hedgehog 🦔
3 Cat 🐈
4 Raccoon 🦝
5 Eagle 🦅
6 Elephant 🐘
7 Owl 🦉

Topics & Rooms

RubyChat features some predefined discussion topics (you can also create your own once you reach level 4). Herein lies the main peculiarity of RubyChat: There is a separate room for every topic-level combination. You can select any topic of your liking, but you can only join a room equal to your level (or lower).


Ink represents the number of characters that you can use in the chat. You earn ink by reviewing messages.


Reputation is a number that stems directly from the number of reviews you have received. It isn't always indicative of your level, as the level is only formed from a subset of reliable reviews.


Messages are reviewed by four criteria. When reviewing, try to choose the one that seems more appropriate. At the moment, RubyChat uses four criteria which are explained below:

  • Improper

    A message is improper if it involves:

    • cursing
    • racism
    • sexism
    • discrimination
    • insulting individuals or a group
    • spam
    • unnecessary repetition
    • gibberish
    • intentional misuse of our services
  • Invalid

    When a message contains information that is inaccurate or invalid, and it can be demonstrated and proven that this information is incorrect.That may include:

    • Pseudoscience
    • Fake news
    • Clearly erroneous assumptions
  • Fine

    There is nothing especially negative or positive to note about this message. It falls under the category of normal communication.

  • Bravo

    Bravo can be used to reward a positive contribution to a discussion at hand. This might include:

    • A strong argument
    • A new idea or insight
    • An interesting proposal
    • A different angle on a topic